I capture the beauty in the moment as it unfolds in an environmental setting. I love to incorporate a sense of place in my photography. My pictures have a natural style, rather than being posed. "Photos are treasures that bring to life many special memories"

I always had a desire to capture special moments in time to cherish forever and to share with others. This led me to photography where I could capture and express moods, feelings of the moment, and the beauty of nature. Attending art and photography school in Switzerland helped me continue to develop and refine my interests and sensibility in my work. I always had a strong connection with nature and the ones who live in it. My goal is to be able to capture the feeling of wonder, love and happiness that we share.

Over many years dogs and cats have become a big part of our life's. Dogs are man's best friend, giving us unconditional love and loyalty, but sometimes they are abandoned and unloved. I volunteer at shelters, photographing dogs and cats, to capture their unique personality to help them find a forever, loving home.

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